2020 kicks off with NCA Leadership Journey in Baguio City


The Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation (NCAF) and the ASA Philippines Foundation, Inc. continues its partnership with ASA Philippines through a brand new decade. Last January 24-25 another Leadership Journey was held, this time for ASA’s Area Administrators in Central and Northern Luzon. Held at Child and Family Services Inc. Bed and Breakfast in Baguio City, sixty (60) ASA participants spent time in the cool of the cordillera mountains reflecting, learning, and re-energizing together as one company.

IMG_3539The area administrators participated in programs tailored to inculcate in them Ninoy and Cory’s marks of spiritual leadership through the virtues of prayer, discernment and self-sacrifice. Participants were accorded the privilege to look back at their lives and relate their past experiences with their current work at ASA.  Afterwards, the participants proceeded to share more details within their group about their lives and work at ASA foundation through portions that allowed the participants to dissect through moments in their lives wherein they felt the hand of a higher being through people who cared for and inspired them.


Guest Speaker Mr. Rafael Lopa, Executive Director of NCAF, shed light on the concept of ikigai through various examples of different individuals who live or lived their lives meaningfully by virtue of this concept. He stressed the utmost importance of belief and recognition of one’s own strengths and weaknesses; as well as relating this to one’s daily routine in work and life.


The Leadership Journey ended on a high note with the commitment activity in which participants were given the chance to share their personal commitments to ASA Foundation. This will hopefully serve as a constant reminder of everything the participants learned and realized in their journey.