ASA Philippines Leaders undergo the NCAF Leadership Journey

On April 5-6, 2019, at the Montserrat Retreat Center in Silang Cavite, forty-seven (47) ASA Philippines leaders underwent the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Leadership Journey (NCALJ). The participants spent two-days in prayer and reflection, learning different modules on leadership, inspired by Ninoy and Cory’s own spiritual-leadership.


The ASA Leaders looked back at key moments in their professional lives in the LifeBook activity, identifying their high and low moments as ASA employees. They were also given opportunities to hear each other’s stories in the¬†Kuwentong-Buhay¬†Activity, where each participant had a chance to share his or her journey as a leader in ASA Philippines. NCAF Program Director and Facilitator, Mr. Jampao Reyes, tied these two activities with the Connecting the Dots module, where he discussed the importance of looking back to make meaningful connections with the events in one’s past. Afterwards, Mr. Reyes gave the modules on Integrity and Transcendent Values. Here, he talked about the importance of doing the good, even when no one is looking and the importance for a leader to have values geared for the good of others and not just for one’s own.


The ASA Leaders were also able to hear from NCAF Executive Director, Mr. Rapa Lopa, as he talked about living out one’s calling through one’s vocation and work. He shared with them the importance of looking at one’s own motivation – each one’s “why” – but also looking at the world’s great needs, and how each person can make a positive impact in the lives of others. He also talked about his experiences working for and with former President Cory Aquino and her love for the Filipino. He reminded the participants to not only care about one’s work and company, but also to try to live as a good Filipino for the betterment of the country and its countrymen and women.


After, the ASA Leaders were divided into their sharing groups and given an opportunity to express their gratitude and ask for forgiveness in the “Thank You and I’m Sorry” Activity. According to the participants, the activity gave them a rare chance to thank their co-workers and deepen their relationships as colleagues.


The Journey ended with ASA Philippines President and CEO, Kamrul Tarafder, expressing his thanks to NCAF, as well as his desire and hope for the ASA Leaders to continue the good work they do and to serve with renewed motivation and focus.