Frontliners: At The Forefront of A Better World

Perpetual Help Medical Center Frontline Workers' NCA Leadership Journey
Perpetual Help Medical Center Frontline Workers’ NCA Leadership Journey

Last May 29, forty Medical frontline workers from the Perpetual Help Medical Center in Las Pinas City became companions of the Ninoy and Cory Leadership Journey- through its continuing mission to reach those who may need it most with an online edition.

As the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic rages through the Philippine islands, cases rise with the ardent need for economic recovery of our countrymen. An unavoidable spike in infections has put medical workers, already exhausted from a year of battling the virus, once more in the firing line. They stand as essential first responders to an illness dreaded to be mutating and more infectious with every passing day.

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This leaves much room for the gift of hope to shine its light on where it may be darkest these days.  Through Sen. Ninoy and Pres. Cory’s leadership ideals of Prayer, Discernment, and Self-Sacrifice, this gift was extended towards these frontliners in a half-day Pitstop to renew their minds and hearts. NCAF Program Director and main facilitator Mr. Jampao Reyes zeroed in on the importance of mindfulness, while leading a life of service. Through mindfulness, a life of service is transformed into a live of loving service- with fullness of heart and clarity of purpose.

Ms. Tina Consing of the Perpetual Help Medical Center
Ms. Tina Consing of the Perpetual Help Medical Center

One doctor-participant put it best when she shared her story of being infected twice with the virus. Amidst this difficulty she says that “to serve with love, even in the face of danger, is the greatest service of all.” Truly, these frontliners lead with action even in the face of adversity. They are not just at the frontlines- they helm humankind to emerge from this challenge to be at the forefront of a better world.