Frontliners Undergo Online Module 2

he pandemic has tolled heavily upon health workers across the globe- here in our country, the story is no different. The struggle of saving lives has presented itself heavily a burden on the shoulders of hospital Frontliners. In this light, the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation once more partnered with the Las Piñas Perpetual Help Medical Center to bring the second Module of our Online Leadership Journey to doctors, nurses and staff of the aforementioned hospital. For three separate sessions on September 18, 25 and November 13, 69 participants learned the art of empowered rebuilding amidst the new normal.

Program Director Mr Jampao Reyes once more utilized Ninoy and Cory’s leadership ideals of Prayer, Discernment and Self-sacrifice to bridge a connect between life before the pandemic and within its duration. The participants were invited to introspect and reflect on the most important changes in their lives.

“The challenge in moving forward is to take a step backward in order to understand what we are going through.” This realization was shared by a participant doctor at the conclusion of the program- and we agree that it stands to be the aim of the Online journey session. All participants are enjoined to take steps into the new normal with a renewed purpose in their mission of service.