HBC Managers Undergo the NCA Leadership Journey

On August 11 to 12, 2018, thirty-seven (37) HBC Regional Managers underwent the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Leadership Journey (NCALJ) at the Montserrat Retreat Center in Silang, Cavite. The NCA Leadership Journey is based on Ninoy and Cory’s own spiritual-leadership style, a leadership grounded in prayer, discernment, and self-sacrifice.


The weekend began with the participants being guided by NCAF program director and main facilitator, Jampao Reyes, to look back at their lives and identify key moments – the highs and lows – that define their life’s journey so far. The participants were then divided into their small groups to share their experiences and life-stories with one another. Afterwards, the participants listened to the testimony of Mr. Vitaliano “Lanny” Nañagas II. Mr. Nañagas shared his experiences of being a corporate executive for over three decades, as well as serving in the government as Chair and President of the Social Security System (SSS) and Chair of the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP). He emphasized the importance of passion, putting love and compassion at the center of your work and how you treat those around you.


The HBC Managers were also given modules on integrity and caring for one’s “internal customer”, people and groups they directly interact with at work. The day ended with a “Thank you and I’m sorry” activity where the participants were given opportunities to express their gratitude and ask for forgiveness to their co-managers.


At the end of the weekend Journey, the participants expressed their renewed commitment to their work in HBC and thanked NCAF for the opportunity to revisit the “why” of their service. Some participants also emphasized the importance of having a personal relationship with God and using that as a guide to be more loving and caring to the people around them, at home and in their work at HBC.