Journey Companions Virtually Come Home to the NCA Leadership Journey

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Last Saturday, October 3 2020, amidst the culture of fear brought about by COVID-19, thirty-seven Journey Companions and Alumni reunited with joyful hearts to once more renew the fire of servant-leadership in their hearts. With the power of internet connectivity, past participants of the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Leadership Journey were able to reconnect from different parts of the country, and countries far off as Australia and the United States of America. Many of these individuals have been Journey Companions for a decade now, and have Ninoy and Cory’s principles, through Prayer, Discernment and Self-Sacrifice embedded in their hearts and minds.

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Aided by the energetic facilitation of Mr. Jampao Reyes, Program Director of the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation, the participants were invited to bring forth their experiences, both as Journey Companions and as human beings going through strange, difficult times in their lives. What resounded most was the conscious effort from them to continue embodying lives rooted in courageous compassion amidst all trials the present days bring to light. “Life is not easy, and a pandemic does not help that fact” one participant shared- “but being a Journey companion has always reminded me to keep my heart strong whilst compassionate, and to draw strength from the Creator’s many bright stars within dark nights.”

The short, half-day Program ended on a high note with closing remarks from the President and Executive Director of NCAF, Mr. Rapa Lopa. Even as the final minutes of the Zoom meeting ticked, the jovial air of camaraderie and friendship reigned supreme. Every ‘thank you’ and ‘ goodbye’ was said with hopefulness that one day soon, warm embraces will be possible upon reuniting again.