Juvenile Justice and Welfare Council partakes of NCA Online Leadership Journey


In line with the continuing commitment of the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation to enrich the lives of the servant-leaders in our country’s Penal system, the NCA Online Leadership Journey was shared with beloved partners in the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Council. Last October 28, forty-two participants from the JJWC, the primary policy enforcement for Children in Conflict with the Law, were given the chance to pause, reflect and renew their minds and hearts. Through the leadership values of Ninoy and Cory embodied in the virtues of prayer and discernment that lead to self sacrifice, the concept of a loving service was introduced to them.

JJWC Executive Director Atty. Tricia Oco
JJWC OED Executive Director Atty. Tricia Oco


Under the facilitation of NCAF Program Director Mr. Jampao Reyes, participants were invited to zero in on their human experiences throughout the last few unusual months brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Imperative links were made to connect their lives as individuals, to their lives as workers for the good of the nation. Many were brought to tears in recalling the harrowing difficulties living in a state of quarantine has brought to them- but all realized that, like the brightest stars shine in darkest nights, servant leaders are the heart and soul of a world so tattered like ours.

NCAF's Ms. Yna Sorongon and her breakout sharing group
NCAF’s Ms. Yna Sorongon and her breakout sharing group


Given these realizations brought about by the short online session, one participant put it perfectly when they shared that “reflection must always be put into action.” At the end of the journey, all participants concurred, that in fact, a new journey has only begun for them- with clearer eyes, and more purposeful hearts: the challenge of building a nation from its roots is now more meaningful than ever.