Social Workers from Tanay undergo NCA Leadership Journey Online


As the face of the world continues to be changed drastically by COVID-19, the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation pulls through with its Mission to bring the light of day in what seems to be an endless, dark night. Through Zoom, the NCA Leadership Journey is now enabled to bring forth Ninoy and Cory’s resilience through Prayer, Discernment and Self-Sacrifice to reach esteemed institution-partners in these sordid times.

Last September 10, the Leadership Journey reached twenty-six (26) Social Workers at the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s Haven for the Elderly in Tanay, Rizal. These participants have sacrificed much over the course of differing lockdowns in the last 6 months. In the name of duty and service to country, they have been separated from their families for overextended periods of time.


The opportunity to join the Leadership Journey proved to be a welcome respite for them from the trudge the pandemic has tolled upon their vocations. The program brought much of a renewed sense of hope and mission for them: “to carry on with what God has destined for me to do, and to place my anxieties fully at the foot of the Cross.”