Public School Teachers and Administrators from Tanay District-2A undergo the NCAF Leadership Journey

On November 9 to 10, 2018, at the JE Camp Hotel and Resort in Tanay, Rizal, fifty (50) public school teachers and administrators from Tanay District 2A underwent the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Leadership Journey (NCALJ) for Public School Teachers. The teachers and administrators from eight (8) different schools all across Tanay spent two days in rest and reflection, looking back at their journeys as teachers and connecting the dots of their lives.


Based on Ninoy and Cory’s own brand of spiritual-leadership, the teachers reflected on their experiences of love as a teacher and the motivations they have for choosing their profession. They also listened to two speakers throughout the Journey: Navotas National High School (NNHS) Principal, Dr. Maria Cristina Robles and Ateneo high school teacher and Dulaang Sibol Director, Mr. Onofre Pagsanghan. Principal Robles talked about the importance of “Malasakit” for one’s students and co-teachers. Even being an awarded formator and administrator for her teaching innovations in NNHS, Principal Robles claims that, at the end of the day, what matters is the care and initiative you show for your students and fellow-teachers. Sir Pagsi on the other hand talked about, “loving your calling with a passion for it is the meaning of your life.” With over sixty (60) years of teaching experience, Sir Pagsi shared his insight on teaching and the importance of remembering your “why” as a teacher. He shared with them that even though teaching is not an easy profession, the reward of being able to positively affect another’s life makes everything worth it.


The teachers also learned about the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman and how to identify their particular love language and the love language of the people around them. The Journey ended with a commitment activity, wherein the teachers wrote down their personal commitments as teachers and shared these with the bigger group.