Second Round of Social Workers from Tanay join NCA Online Leadership Journey


On the 14th of October, around 30 Social Workers of Haven for the Elderly from the remote and mountainous regions of Rizal were reached, in the comfort of their office, by the NCA Leadership Journey. These individuals from different areas in Tanay and Pilillia braved spotty internet connections to be able to actively participate in the program prepared for them. The Program Director and Main Facilitator, Mr. Jampao Reyes, discussed modules all in the aim of calling our educator-participants to active and positive action.

These social workers, through the gift of this short reflective break realized the importance of “having Sincere and Strong FAITH IN GOD.” From this faith, they learned to live with a spirit of hopeful resilience. “Lumitaw na mahalaga para sa akin ang aking pamilya at ang aking Diyos.”

Even amidst the trials and tribulation of a scourging pandemic, there is much room for hope within trust in a greater being who calls upon us all to serve with love, to serve in love, and to serve by love.