SPLASH Corporate Leaders undergo the NCAF Leadership Journey

On May 25 to 26, 2019, at the Loreland Resort and Hotel in Antipolo City, forty (40) Splash Corporation employees underwent the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Leadership Journey. The participants were given 2 days to rest, reflect, and learn leadership modules based on Ninoy and Cory’s spiritual-leadership style.

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The participants spent the first day looking back at their lives, highlighting both the high and low moments of their journey within Splash. Through the “Connecting the Dots” module, the participants were led in making sense of their past experiences and finding meaning within those moments that fuel their lives now. The participants were also broken into groups, where they shared their life stories with one another.

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Facilitator, Mr. Jampao Reyes, and speaker, Mr. Rafael Lopa, both gave their respective talks to the participants. Mr. Reyes touched on the different types of care, love languages, and looking back at one’s moments of love. Mr. Lopa discussed the Japanese concept of “ikigai” or reason for being, finding the intersection between one’s passions, mission, talents, and the needs of the world. The day ended with the participants being given a chance to express their gratitude and seek forgiveness from their colleagues.

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The program concluded with an activity called, “Showtime”, where the different departments were tasked to identify their respective internal and external customers, the particular issues they encounter, and possible ways to resolve these concerns. They also individually wrote down their commitments to the company, Splash Corporation, and share this with the rest of the participants.