Tanay Public School Teachers Return to NCAF



The Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation continues its commitment to strengthening our country’s education system by empowering our dear teachers. This cause was very close to the heart of our Presidents Cory and Noynoy.

Last September 10, 20 Teachers from the Madulay-Dulay and Manhain Elemantary Schools in Tanay returned to the NCA Leadership Journey. Under a new program by NCAF Program Director Mr. Jampao Reyes, Prayer, Discerment, and Self-Sacrifice were utilized as tools to navigate the waters of a world that continually adjusts to the “new normal” of living within a pandemic.

With the assistance of NCAF staff namely: Ms. Yna Sorongon, Ms. Amor Castillo, Ms. Puri Espeleta and Mr. Henri Macatangay, the participants were invited to take an introspective look on their lives before and during the pandemic- to understand with deepened grace the ways that light shone through even the bleakest of days. This reflection allowed for a cathartic healing and opened the doors for empowered rebuilding- amidst all that was, all that is and all that could be.