We Can Be Anything

WCBA logo2 We Can Be Anything is an education advocacy campaign, born of a partnership between the Apl.de.Ap Foundation (AdAF) and the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation (NCAF). The campaign was conceived after apl.de.ap (a.k.a. Allan Pineda), the Filipino-American member of the world-famous Black Eyed Peas, expressed his desire to help improve the education situation in the Philippines.

On a personal level, he simply wants to tell young Filipinos that he was able to go so far in life because he got an education. To deliver this message, he composed the song, “We Can Be”, around which a campaign could be built. To give apl.de.ap a platform for his advocacy, NCAF appointed him the special ambassador for education of the iamninoy-iamcory Movement in February 2011.

Through the We Can Be Anything campaign, apl.de.ap lent his celebrity, music and personal network to rally massive support for key education initiatives, while reinforcing the broader message on the importance of education. Proceeds from the campaign benefitted the Bayanihang Pampaaralan initiative of  57-75 movement for educational reform and the MyLibrary program of Ayala Foundation/ Philippine Development Foundation.