NCA Leadership Journey for the Ateneo Human Rights Center

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The continuing havoc being wreaked by the coronavirus pandemic has reset the priorities of governments around the world. A world already plagued by so much violence, destruction and injustice now must learn to survive in the face of another invisible enemy: but efforts to uphold Human Rights must remain. This is the focus of the body of work of the esteemed Ateneo Human Rights Center, and mindfulness plays a large part in how servant-leaders are to serve amidst much trials and tribulations.

Breakout Sharing group of NCAF Co-facilitator Mr. Henri A. Macatangay
Breakout Sharing group of NCAF Co-facilitator Mr. Henri A. Macatangay


Last August 4, 15 members of the ADMU-HRC were introduced to Ninoy and Cory’s ideals of Prayer, Discernment and Self-sacrifice as they partook of the NCA Online Leadership Journey. Through a half-day session, they were brought to important realizations with regards to the paths they have chosen, choices they made and difficulties in a time of pandemic. NCAF Program Director Mr. Jampao Reyes shone light on important factors to remember and consider in the journey of servant-leadership. A participant found it “very helpful to take a soul-centered break in the middle of a work week.” The term “soul-centered” encapsulates the intended outcome of the leadership journey very well- for true servant-leadership initiates the movement of the spirit in one’s life. The Journey of serving the nation through the work of one’s hands is a grace to be thankful for, and the group ended agreeing wholeheartedly.