What they say about the NCA Leadership Journey

“Unlike the usual leadership trainings, the NCA Leadership Journey is a journey, not a race, to develop yourself.  The Journey taught us how to become a leader by knowing yourself and how God is really taking part in our life.”

– Patrick Dumdum, Western Mindanao State University (Batch 5)

“The Leadership Journey gave me the perfect opportunity to retrace my 17-year journey as an educator. The talks have strengthened my commitment to give my best and offer my time, talent and treasure to the service of education, all for the glory of God.”

– Edmundo Jose Ternida, Navotas National High School
(Public School Teachers Batch 1)

“My hope is that all employees would have an opportunity to experience the NCA Leadership Journey. It will be of great help in their journey renewal and reminder of oneself what your priority really is.”

– an executive of TAO Corporation (Leadership Journey for Business Groups)

“I was able to rediscover my faith in God, and now I want to pass my knowledge to my community. God has become clear to me. I now know where I want to go and what my direction is.”

-Mark Molero, Pamulaan Center for Indigenous People’s Education (Batch 14)

 “This seminar has taught me to lead life with love. True learning is not found in books, but rather being with the kids is the way we can really affect their lives.”

-Edna Ramos, Navotas National High School
(Public School Teachers Batch 2)

 “I am grateful for the opportunity for being here. I know that the things I have learned here I will bring with me all the way to theology. What I will bring with me as I return to my home is my gratitude that I am loved by God.”

-Michael Andrew Yu, San Jose de Mindanao Seminary (Batch 15)

“Through this retreat, my faith in God was strengthened. I also learned the value of sacrifice for the people you love. Above everything, all things are rooted in love. These will be my guide even when I leave after this experience.”

-Jean Marie Casilia-an, Pamulaan Center for Indigenous People’s Education (Batch 16)